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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Discovering a Career

Ellis Junior High offers a great opportunity for students to develop interests in a career through David Lipscomb's Career Discoveries Class located in the newest building on campus. Not only are there hands-on activites, but students are required to comprehend the manual and take a test to check for mastery. They work in pairs to complete the assignments and most modules allow students to produce a product at the end. For example, in Engineering Structures students create a bridge which is later tested for its strength.

The class even creates signs and other products for the community. Students are exposed to the following computer based activities: computer aided design, computer animation, computer applications, digital audio production, digital manufacturing, digital music, digital photography, electricity, engineering structures, flight simulator, graphic design, health and fitness, meteorology, plant science, research and design, rocketry and space, vinyl sign making, and digital audio production.

It is wonderful that Ellis is able to offer fun with learning and perhaps play a part in helping students decide on a lifelong career.


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