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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Tour of Talladega High School

Talladega High School is in the touring business, at least for Ellis Junior High 8th graders. The school is taking an early and very personal approach to transitioning incoming freshmen by inviting small groups to receive a firsthand view of a typical day at THS.

Students were welcomed by Career Tech Director, Dr. Trellys Riley and several THS students. Dr. Riley asked students to complete a “Career Clusters Interest Survey” which will serve as a tool for students to better recognize their interests and choose Career Tech courses based on the discoveries. After the completion of the interest survey, she discussed classes that would be interesting to each cluster group.

Principal Darren Douthitt was on hand to welcome students to the high school and answer various questions about dress code, ISI (in-school-suspension), tardies, and other issues. His approach was warm, inviting, and humorous, helping 8th graders to be more at ease. Mr. Douthitt shared that an additional minute had been added so students had more time to go to lockers and change classes. He shared several ways THS students were rewarded such as allowing club t-shirts on Fridays, free dress days, and outside social time after the lunch wave.
Each student received his personal business card and was encouraged to let parents know campus tours would be available during the summer.

Students too shy to ask questions in the large group session had another opportunity to get information from THS students serving as tour guides for the visitors.
These tours put many fears to rest and perhaps increased the excitement for this upcoming freshmen class!


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