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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whatever It Takes!

For the past two weeks, the stress of testing could be felt by students in grades 3-8 across the district. Some children may have been tempted to stay home, but not at Salter Elementary. Mr. Cobb, the principal, and Coach Darby made a deal to motivate students to complete the 5 days of testing! The deal included a haircut for both if Salter had 100% participation during the statewide testing.

Anyone who works with children knows they will rise to a challenge and on April 20th Mr. Cobb and Coach Darby were sporting new hairdos! Several students helped to shear the two and children quickly stuffed the clipped hair into their pockets as a momento of the exciting event.

This is a wonderful example of how adults who work with children can motivate them to accomplish much more than they ever felt possible. These two men will fondly be remembered as someone who loved the students enough to sacrifice a little hair and demand the best from everyone!


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