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Friday, February 08, 2008

Inside Out Airs This Sunday

Inside Out is a 52-minute documentary that features prison inmates promoting education as the only way for youth to avoid a life behind bars. Dr. Shelley Stewart compassionately interviews the inmates and unveils their genuine hope to give others the chance they no longer have, to avoid the pitfalls of dropping out of school. All of the prisoners interviewed are serving long or life sentences in a maximum-security prison.

We have received information that the documentary is scheduled to air on PBS February 10 (Sunday) at 8:00 PM.

Student dropping out of school is a nationwide problem. The temporary lure of giving up homework and studying for tests for the glamour of free time and a small job leads all too many vulnerable students to choose the tinsel over the gold. The harsh realities of a young person striking out in the 21st century without a high school diploma do not become evident until the decision to leave has long since been made. Inside Out is designed to paint a picture of the future that has become reality for so many high school dropouts.

For more information on this program, go here.



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