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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on THS Graduation

Thanks to those who have expressed enthusiasm for our graduation speaker, Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Harwell Auditorium has a large seating capacity. Compare the 1,450 seats in our facility with the seating capacity of auditoriums in the surrounding area, and you we begin to realize how fortunate we are to have that facility.

Even though we have a large seating capacity, it is also a finite seating capacity. When the number of people who wish to attend this event exceeds the number of available seats, some decisions must be made. The order in which preference for seating is being given is as follows:
  1. Guests of graduating seniors (up to 6)
  2. Employees of the Talladega City Board of Education (up to 2 per person)
  3. Guests of graduating seniors (beyond 6)
  4. Invited dignitaries
  5. General public

At this point, THS seniors have been given the opportunity to submit names of up to 6 guests. Actual names are being required to fulfill both a requirement from Dr. Rice's office and to ensure that only tickets which are really needed are being requested. We know that some students will submit 6 names while others may have only 2 or 3 names.

After examining the number of tickets requested by students and employees, we will determine the number of tickets still available and allow students who need more than 6 tickets an opportunity to request additional ones.

Once student requests have been filled, tickets will be given to a select number of local dignitaries. Finally, remaining tickets will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis (limit of two). We already have a mechanism in place to track those ticket requests.

We anticipate that we will know how many tickets will be available to the public on May 21. At that point, we will e-mail those whose ticket requests we can honor by e-mail. We will do the same with those whose requests we cannot honor.

We are looking at provisions for providing a live telecast of the graduation ceremony for those who wish to attend but are not able to get tickets.

Additional information will appear here as it becomes available.



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