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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Just one more reason to have this blog

This past Wednesday presented a real challenge to our school system. Anytime we must close unexpectedly, communicating that message completed and accurately to all parents is tough. The radio and TV stations help by announcing our closing, but that means a parent must sit by the radio or TV waiting for that announcement. In addition, the message that needs to be announced (separate times for elementary, junior high, and high school) is more than we can really expect.

Within minutes of when the decision to dismiss early was made, that decision was posted on this blog. It is the announcement which appears just below this post.

In the months ahead, our school day may again be disrupted. Snow, heavy thunderstorms, or tornado warnings are all possible. Getting that word to you quickly, accurately, and completely is important to us. This blog provides that opportunity, and you can rest assured that if you come here, you will get the information you need.

There is another way in which you can help us. If you are reading this blog, please make it a point to tell about the resources here. Whether it's good news about something happening in your child's school or crucial information about an emergency, this blog is a place all who have a vested interest in our school system can come for accurate and timely news.


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