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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blog traffic on March 1 and newspaper articles

The vision for this blog from the very beginning has been to bring you information about the Talladega City Schools, and do so in a timely fashion. Posts throughout the year have celebrated the good things happening in our schools and passed on other information which impacts you.

When we must close school because of hazardous weather, communicating that information quickly and completely to a large number of people is a challenge. This blog serves as a way to meet that challenge.

On March 1, when the decision was made to close school early, complete information regarding dismissal times for each school was posted here. It was encouraging to look back at the traffic for that day and see that there were 108 visits to this site on that one day from 76 different visitors. Almost half were first-time visitors to this blog. To put those figures in perspective, we had as many visitors on that one day as we had the rest of the week combined.

When bad weather is predicted, we all want to get complete information. Large number of phone calls to schools can quickly exceed the capacity of people available on the other end to answer them. Tuning in to radio and TV stations hoping for an announcement can be frustrating. In times such as what we faced Thursday, we hope that you will turn here first as a place where you can trust you will get accurate and complete information.

The March 2 issue of The Birmingham News featured an article entitled "The 411? Find It on the Blog" written by William Thornton. The article featured the use of our blogs here in the Talladega City Schools. The article can be viewed by clicking here. That article comes only three weeks after a lengthy article in The Daily Home by David Mackey on the same subject.

To date, there have been over 4,700 visits to this site since its inception this past August. We hope that will continue to visit this site often, and that when you do, you will find the information you gained to be worth the time you invested.


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