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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tiny Seeds and Plans for the Future

When children are young, tiny seeds are planted which helps them blossom into productive citizens. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for the planting of many of those seeds and beginning the educational process. These teachers often have children in their classrooms who have never been in a structured situation. Yet many leave in May with reading and math skills firmly planted. The rewards are plenty due to the effort of these brave teachers!

Not only do they instruct, kindergarten teachers help children see that school is a fun place to be! They set the tone for their educational future. This might look like play, but kindergarten is serious business in schools today. The curriculum is no longer just learning letters, numbers, and sounds, but is now chocked full of skills that set the foundation to which all other teachers must build.

For example, during the past two weeks, kindergarteners at R. L. Young have been learning about Community Helpers. Community Helpers are very important people. Saluting these helpers allows children to understand that a city does not run by itself.

This study also fosters the belief that when they grow up, they will have very important jobs. Check out Mrs. Lamberth's class, they already know what they want to be when they grow up! Can you guess their occupations?

Our district is blessed with strong kindergarten teachers that make a difference for students. It takes much patience and skill to help children adjust to "big school" and all the rules, procedures, and things to learn. We appreciate their efforts!

Take a good look, for these are our next community workers. And thank a kindergarten teacher for the seeds they plant every day!


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