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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Thanks to the wonderful leadership & organizational skills that our great principal, Mrs. Laros, instilled in her faculty before the 1st day of school, the 1st day and every day thereafter (so far) has run smoothly. Mrs. Laros asked for the faculty's input on what they thought would make the 1st week of school better, some offered their suggestions (while others slept.)

On the first day, all teachers were busy reviewing classroom procedures and giving students the opportunity to be part of setting the rules.

Mrs.Gooden showing her precious Kindergarten how to stand in a straight line.

Ms.Gaskin showing her Kindergarten how "The Magic Fairy" keeps them quiet.

Mrs.Capers explains procedures to her 1st grade "angels."

Mr.Smith discussing 4th grade expectations.

Mr.Goodwin explains to his 5th grade students that "ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!"

Mr.Berry reminds his 6th grade students, "There will be NO SLACKING!"

We are all such a happy family here at Henderson because of our "GREAT LEADER." We care & appreciate all Mrs. Laros does. This makes us the "circle" that we are.

Posted by Mrs. Cristy Davis


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