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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Standard 3-Teaching and Learning

Standard Description
Teaching and Learning
The school provides research-based curriculum and instructional methods that facilitate achievement for all students.

Standard Indicators

3.1 Develops and implements curriculum based on clearly defined expectations for student learning
3.2 Promotes active involvement of students in the learning process, including opportunities for them to explore application of higher-order thinking skills and investigate new approaches to applying their learning
3.3 Gathers, analyzes, and uses data and research in making curricular and instructional choices
3.4 Designs and uses instructional strategies, innovations, and activities that are research-based and reflective of best practice
3.5 Offers a curriculum that challenges each student to excel, reflects a commitment to equity, and demonstrates an appreciation of diversity
3.6 Allocates and protects instructional time to support student learning
3.7 Provides for articulation and alignment between and among all levels of schools
3.8 Implements interventions to help students meet expectations for student learning
3.9 Monitors school climate and takes appropriate steps to ensure that it is conducive to student learning
3.10 Provides comprehensive information and media services that support the curricular and instructional programs
3.11 Ensures that all students and staff members have regular and ready access to instructional technology and a comprehensive materials collection that supports the curricular and instructional program


At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Houston Elementary the time slots alloted for intructional time is very limited. So how does this help with student learning for children who are a little slower at learning. This is standard 3.6. Some of the students i have noticed need some extra help with certain areas and are not able to get it because of time restraints. I understand the teachers must put time restraints on everything so they can get all of the daily work done but again what about finding the time to help the children that learn at a slower rate. And on standard 3.9 the climate in the school is after about 11am it gets really warm in the back building and makes it hard for the children to concentrate on their work because it is getting really hot in the room.


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