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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Windows to the World

For a year and a half, this blog has brought to you happenings from around our school system. During this last week, the blog was accessed 338 times. Of those, 100 hits occurred on Monday, the day we featured this blog as part of the agenda for our Board of Education.

As one might expect, many of the hits over the last week have been from Talladega addresses. Our reach is not limited to our city limits, however. Our records also included 9 hits from the same address in Virginia, 19 hits from the same address in Montgomery, and hits from Birmingham, Tampa, and New York. This blog was even accessed once by a viewer in India.

For many people around the country, and yes, even some from around the world, the only impression they have of us and our school is the one which they acquire from reading about us through our blog. Some find us by accident. Others know of and use this blog as a model for what is possible. Whatever their reasons for visiting, this blog truly is our window to the world.


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