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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Whatever It Takes!

For the past two weeks, the stress of testing could be felt by students in grades 3-8 across the district. Some children may have been tempted to stay home, but not at Salter Elementary. Mr. Cobb, the principal, and Coach Darby made a deal to motivate students to complete the 5 days of testing! The deal included a haircut for both if Salter had 100% participation during the statewide testing.

Anyone who works with children knows they will rise to a challenge and on April 20th Mr. Cobb and Coach Darby were sporting new hairdos! Several students helped to shear the two and children quickly stuffed the clipped hair into their pockets as a momento of the exciting event.

This is a wonderful example of how adults who work with children can motivate them to accomplish much more than they ever felt possible. These two men will fondly be remembered as someone who loved the students enough to sacrifice a little hair and demand the best from everyone!

Teamwork at Salter School!

A decision is only a hope until carrying it out has become somebody's work assignment and responsibility, with a deadline. Dr. Peter Drucker

Salter School decided to improve the playground that students use everyday and made the plans necessary to carry it out. Approximately 35 parents, faculty/staff members and husbands, the principal, and even students, gathered Saturday, April 21st to bring the decision to life through hard work and collaboration.

There was plenty of trash collecting, raking, weedeating, and sweeping to give the entire playground a facelift. Many workers were busy sanding equipment in preparation for a fresh coat of paint, which has already been scheduled by a volunteer in the community. All volunteers were treated with hot grilled burgers after the busy work session!

These efforts send a strong message to the students and community that Salter School and its students are very important. And by working together so much can be accomplished!


Kindergarten registration is underway and going well. We were very excited about Allison Edwards and Brenda Stockdale of Eastside Headstart bringing six sweet children to tour Hal Henderson and meet the kindergarten teachers. The children were well behaved and seemed very excited to be coming to our school in the Fall. Packets are given to parents that include a registration form, media release form, home language survey, health history form, school parent compact, Hal Henderson brochure, and Kindergarten Readiness information for parents.
On April 19, 2007, Westside Headstart came for a visit and tour. We were very proud to see approximately twelve parents and children on that day. Mrs. Sims, Reading Specialist, met with the parents and students giving them information regarding our school and readiness activities for home. The same packets were given out on this day as well.
The transition from Headstart to Kindergarten is an exciting and scary moment for five and six year olds. Parents are usually both excited and sad for their "little ones".
Parents will need the following documents to register kindergarten students:
1. Alabama Blue Slip (shot record)
2. Social Security Card
3. Birth Certificate
4. Proof of Residence
If you were unable to register on today's date, please make arrangements to register between April 26 and May 25, 2007. Should you have questions, please contact the school.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Graduation- Almost Here!

Graduation is almost here for many seniors at Talladega High School! This exciting, yet formal ceremony will be held at Mary Dumas Stadium on Cedar Street beginning at 7:00 pm on May 24.

The guest speaker will be Kim Oliver, 2006 National Teacher of the Year. She is an early-career teacher with six years of experience. Ms. Oliver has a Master of Education Degree and is National Board Certified. She was introduced recently to the nation by President George W. Bush at a ceremony at the White House after being named the 2006 National Teacher of the Year. This milestone for Ms. Oliver is also one for Maryland as she is the first Maryland Teacher of the Year in the history of the state’s participation in the program to attain this title.

Talladega City Schools and THS are proud of their seniors and look forward to helping them celebrate this joyous occasion. Mark your calendars and join us!

Calling All Kindergarten Children!

It’s that wonderful time of year when 5 year olds finally get to register for BIG SCHOOL! Registration for the Talladega City School System will be Wednesday, April 25th from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

To be eligible, the child must be 5 years old on or before September 1. They should register in the following primary school zones in which they reside:

Graham Elementary- 403 Cedar Street
Northside Hal Henderson Elementary School- 400 North Spring Street
Evelyn D. Houston Elementary School- 1310 Ashland Hwy.
Raymond L. Young Elementary School- 200 East Damon Street
Salter Elementary School- 106 Brecon Access Road

Kindergarten students are required to present the following documents at the time of registration:

  1. A certified birth certificate ( must have state seal)

  2. Alabama certificate of immunization

  3. Student’s Social Security card

  4. Proof of residence, such as current utility bill with name and address or lease agreement (driver’s license or personalized check is not acceptable)

    If you are not certain of the school zone, call 315-5600.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Through the Wind and Rain…The Sun Shines

Excerpts from the book entitled Through the Wind and Rain…The Sun Shines written by Joy Bittle’s first grade students at Raymond L. Young, after the tornado killed 8 high school students at Enterprise High School.

“I am sorry a tornado killed people in the high school. I know you are sad, too. And also I am glad nobody else got killed. I am very sorry.” Erika Wilson

“I hope you fill better and I hope you have a good time at your new school. I am sorry that your old school got torn down by a tornado. Sorry.” Love, Riley

Often when tragedy occurs, it is easy to believe that it does not affect children like it does adults. Take the Enterprise High School disaster, for example. Children hear adults talking, view it online, get the facts from radio, or catch the news on television. It is almost impossible for a child to escape this type of news.

In education, teachers can use such events as an opportunity for children to express their feelings, do a kind deed, and learn to appreciate the gifts they have each day. It is an opportunity to sharpen the writing skills of even the youngest authors, too.

How can teachers orchestrate such a feat? First, allow students to talk openly about the event. Have them think about what they would say if they could see the victims’ families or the people involved. Give students the freedom to put those thoughts on paper and concentrate on what they want to say, not the spelling or punctuation. Those tasks will soon follow. To begin polishing the writing, have students first proof their own work, assign student partners to look for errors, and lastly have students share their writing with the teacher. Of course, the artwork is like icing on the cake. It brings the writing to life.

If you think back to your own days in school, the memories are probably of activities such as this, creating a keepsake that made you a better writer, but also that made you feel like a better person. These children are learning that writing is a powerful tool!

I know the Enterprise High School faculty, staff, and students will appreciate the efforts of this talented group. Great idea, Mrs. Bittle and first grade children!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reaching the High School Milestone

The first day of high school is a wonderful milestone for teens and their parents. To prepare, Ellis and Talladega High joined forces to help with the transition. Mrs. Jackie Bishop from the high school came to Ellis Junior High on March 27th and 28th to explain the registration process for the upcoming freshman class. Students were asked to share and complete registration forms with their parents and returned them to Ellis Junior High counselor, Amy Patterson.

To aid parents and students in completing the forms, all were invited to attend an additional meeting on March 29th at the high school. Mr. Carter, Assistant Principal, was on hand to welcome the guests and answer questions about the school. Ms. Shephard, one of three THS guidance counselors, reviewed each subject area and the types of diploma tracks available to the students. She was available after the meeting to help those still unsure of the scheduling process. Refreshments were provided by Super Wal-Mart in Talladega.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

C.L. Salter Calendar of Upcoming Events

  • Monday April 9 – Wednesday April 11: SAT 10
  • Thursday April 12: Report Cards Issued
  • Monday April 16: Kindergarten field trip to Bud’s Cookies & Scoliosis Screening 5th & 6th
  • Monday April 16 – Friday April 20: Book Fair
  • Wednesday April 18: Alabama Science Assessment Pilot (5th Grade)
  • Friday April 20: Mr. Cobb and Coach Darby – Haircut!
  • Saturday April 21: PTO Playground Clean Up Day
  • Tuesday April 24: AR Trip to Rock City
  • Wednesday April 25: 07-08 Kindergarten Registration & 6th Grade travels to Ellis
  • Friday April 27 & Monday April 30: Holiday (Race Weekend)
  • Monday May 7 – Wednesday May 9: AR Store Shopping
  • Friday May 11: Field Day
  • Monday May 21: 6th Grade Graduation
  • Tuesday May 22 : Kindergarten Graduation

C.L. Salter Playground Clean Up Day

CL Salter Elementary School is asking for your help. On April 21st we are scheduling a playground enhancement day to show our dedicated group of kids how much we appreciate their dedication to learning each day.

In order to make this successful we are asking for your time, ideas & contributions. The following is a list of things we would like to accomplish during the event.

· Repairing of playground equipment

· Cleaning of grounds around playground equipment

· Painting playground equipment

· Trimming shrubs & trees near playground equipment

The following is a list of tools required to complete the task we would like to complete during the enhancement event.

· Rakes

· Weed-eaters

· Paint Brushes

· Wheel barrels

· Shovels

· Hedge trimmers

· Small Chainsaw or extension hand saws

· Ladder

· Screwdrivers, wrenches, socket sets, hammers and etc

· Gloves

· Safety glasses

· First-aid kits

· Trash bags

Thanks in advance for your assistance with making this event successful!

Paul Chatman, C.L. Salter PTO

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Calendar for 2007-2008

You may download the calendar for the upcoming school year from here. You may also click on the link at the right labeled "School System Calendar." That calendar has been updated with dates for 2007-2008.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weather announcements from yesterday

In the event of bad weather, we all want the latest information and want it quickly. As with previous episodes of bad weather, information was posted here just as soon as it was available to us. Posting it here is the most efficient way we can get the information out, and get it out completely, to a large number of people. While we pass information such information as school closings on to the media, we have no control over the detail of information that is passed on to the public. Here, we can go into as much detail as needed. For example, elementary, junior high, and high school dismissal times will always be different from each other because the same buses which carry elementary school home also return after that route and pick up high school students and then junior high students.

Here is what was posted yesterday. As each new development occurred, we amended the post:

We are presently under a tornado warning. We will hold buses until the warning is no longer in effect. As there are new developments, they will be posted here.

2:53 We have just received word that the warning has been extended. (It had been set to expire at 3:00.)

2:57 The tornado warning has been extended until 3:30.

3:10 The city of Talladega has been cleared of the tornado warning. We may now begin to release students. The bus schedule will be as follows:

All elementary schools will dismiss at 3:15
Talladega High School will dismiss at 3:45
Ellis Junior High will dismiss at 4:00

The difference is times is due to the fact that buses deliver elementary students home and then those same buses go to THS and Ellis.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Healthy Kids for America’s Future!

Nationwide, 16 percent of children and teens are overweight and some studies suggest that in Alabama the rate of obesity is nearly 40 percent. The Talladega City School District and the Child Nutrition Program are doing something to help. All K-5th grade children will receive a DVD entitled, “KidFit, Healthy Kids for America’s Future!” The KidFit Program provides children and their parents an opportunity to learn about healthy choices and lifestyles and to discuss them as a family. The entertaining and instructional DVD focuses on eating right and exercising for better health.

Families watching the DVD will learn more about MyPyramid for kids, a visual tool explaining what their bodies need from each food group. The value of exercise is explained and tips on how to get started are included.

A brochure included in the DVD, supplies parents with additional websites to gain even more information. Here are just a few:

The Alabama KidFit program, produced through the Corporate Foundation for children, has government and corporate support, including the Alabama Department of Education, the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, the Alabama Department of Public Health, and Alabama Power Company.

Traffic flow during April in Talladega

April in Talladega will take place on Friday, April 13th and Saturday, April 14th. As part of this event, South Street from Cherry Street to Elm Street will be closed from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. In addition, it is anticipated there will be a good deal of traffic congestion near both ends of the closed street. Although not as significant, Oak Street from Cherry to Walnut will be closed and Walnut Street from South to Oak will also be closed. Event guests may also park in the open field behind Dixon as well as the part along the open portions of Walnut and Oak Streets further adding traffic congestion.