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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Congratulations, THS Graduates!

Graduation is an important milestone in a student's life. Talladega High School recognized this milestone with grace, style, and respect throughout the month of May.

The recognition activities began with Awards Day on the campus of Talladega High School. Parents were encouraged to attend and many scholarships were awarded to deserving students.

Another means of honor and recognition was with several banquets, such as the Career Tech banquet held at Timber Ridge Golf Resort.

Faculty and administration of the Career Technical Program gathered to recognize the accomplishments of students in the various courses. Teachers not only handed out framed certificates, but spoke highly of the deserving students. Students participated in the ceremonies and even entertained the audience. The event was a proud time for the teens and their families.

Before graduation, the High School hosted a hospitality Room in the Career Discovery Classroom on the campus of Ellis Junior High. This activity provided an opportunity for Kim Oliver, the keynote speaker, an opportunity to share adventures as 2006 National Teacher of the Year.

Board members were available to greet Miss Oliver as well as several students, such as Sara Thompson.

Doesn't John Locklin look handsome in this graduation attire?

The eight grade band members and other band students joined together to provide music for the occasion. As fellow band members received their diplomas, these musicians rose in honor of the graduates' acchievements.

The Graduation Ceremony was a flawless affair due to the dedication of Janice Shepherd, THS Guidance Counselor, Katie Reynolds, THS Attendance Supervisor, Sharon Anderson, special education teacher, and many others who assisted in the preparation. The Maintenance Department was extremely helpful with supplying electricity to the podium, lights, and other areas. The teamwork across the district made it a night to remember.

The ceremony was the ending of these students' years in the Talladega City School System, but the beginning of their futures. The TC District wishes all the very best!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Never Say Fail

Never Say Fail

In life's rosy morning,

Within youth's pride,

Let this be your motto;

Your footsteps to guide.

In storms and in sunshine,

Whatever assail

Move onward and conquer,

And never say fail.

Author unknown

Ms. Lavonne Morris, long time teacher at Zora Ellis Junior High, is a perfect example of what a teacher should be. Exemplifying the message of this poem, she and her assistant, Ms. Truss show students how to soar beyond and then some, with the support and encouragement of their parents.

Recently in a special program, 3 very deserving students received their graduation certificates as family, friends, and district representatives joined in the celebration cermony. Refreshments and assistance were provided by Mrs. Truss, Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Ludwig, Ms. Woodard, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Williams, and the lunchroom and custodial staff.

Principal, Scott Bailey and Assistant Principal, Shari Dye were on hand to present the certificates.

Mr. Messer, Superintendent of Talladega City Schools, congratulates the students and their families for the wonderful accomplishment.

The event featured the poem "Bonds of Friendship" read by a Zora Ellis student, and several songs, such as "I Believe I Can Fly" and "Lean on Me" which were performed by the Zora Ellis Unified Choir. Beth Cooley, was present to share the song "Legacy" with the audience. Leslie Williams, a student at Graham Elementary, provided the processional music.

It was a great day in the lives of these 3 very special students and their families. Congratulations, Britney, Jasmine, and Landon!

Author's Day at Graham Elementary

Students at Graham Elementary School enjoyed being authors and illustrators again this year. PTO purchased a bare book for each child. Students wrote on various topics, such as a zoo trip or describing themselves using each letter of the alphabet.

There were narratives of all kinds and even poetry books. This six-week long event culminated with Author's Day on May 21, 2007.

Students were given the opportunity to read books written by authors from other classrooms. Teachers displayed the books in the lunchroom and parents came to read the books that night. Parents purchased deli sandwiches and enjoyed a picnic on the back playground as well.

Story provided by Ruth Hollingsworth, fourth grade teacher

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tiny Seeds and Plans for the Future

When children are young, tiny seeds are planted which helps them blossom into productive citizens. Kindergarten teachers are responsible for the planting of many of those seeds and beginning the educational process. These teachers often have children in their classrooms who have never been in a structured situation. Yet many leave in May with reading and math skills firmly planted. The rewards are plenty due to the effort of these brave teachers!

Not only do they instruct, kindergarten teachers help children see that school is a fun place to be! They set the tone for their educational future. This might look like play, but kindergarten is serious business in schools today. The curriculum is no longer just learning letters, numbers, and sounds, but is now chocked full of skills that set the foundation to which all other teachers must build.

For example, during the past two weeks, kindergarteners at R. L. Young have been learning about Community Helpers. Community Helpers are very important people. Saluting these helpers allows children to understand that a city does not run by itself.

This study also fosters the belief that when they grow up, they will have very important jobs. Check out Mrs. Lamberth's class, they already know what they want to be when they grow up! Can you guess their occupations?

Our district is blessed with strong kindergarten teachers that make a difference for students. It takes much patience and skill to help children adjust to "big school" and all the rules, procedures, and things to learn. We appreciate their efforts!

Take a good look, for these are our next community workers. And thank a kindergarten teacher for the seeds they plant every day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Graham's AR Field Trip

Our AR Field Trip Was FUN!!!

Students read books, took tests, and earned points. With 75 points, a student earned a trip to the Playstation Amusement Park in Trussville, as a reward for a year of independent reading. Our Accelerated Reader program got off to a slow start this year because of a switch from a site-based program to a web-based program. The 100 point club turned into the 75 point club.

Eighty-six students in grades first through sixth, earned a field trip to spend the day riding go-carts, skating, playing lazer-tag, putt-putt, and arcade games.

The teachers had a great time, too!
All agreed, this may need to become an annual event. THANKS to our PTO for footing the bill!

Special Olympics- TCS Well Represented

State Special Olympic Summer Games were held May 11-13, this past weekend at Troy University. Talladega City Schools Athletes competed against over 1,200 athletes from schools from all over the State of Alabama.

The following athletes brought home medals:

Softball Throw
Nikki - 2nd place – silver medal
Marquis – 1st place – gold medal
Devan – 1st place – gold medal
Holli – 1st place – gold medal

100 Meter Dash
Marquis – 1st place – gold medal
Nikki – 4th place Standing

Long Jump
Ebone’ – 1st place – gold medal

100 Meter Race Walk
Ebone’ – 1st place – gold medal
Devan – 2nd place – silver medal
Holli – 3rd place – bronze medal

Thanks to all students and adults for representing Talladega City Schools in style. We are proud of you!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Summer Reading

Summertime Favorites, a list of recommended readings, represents the long-standing effort of National Endowment for the Humanities to highlight classic literature for young people from kindergarten through high school.

Thousands of parents and teachers have used Summertime Favorites since 1988 as a supplement to school reading lists to emphasize the value of reading classic books. In 2003, NEH revised and updated Summertime Favorites with help from librarians and reading experts.

You can also view the list by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

School report cards

Each school will be sending home "School Report Cards" sometime before the end of the year. We have just recently received them from the State Department of Education.

The timing can cause confusion. Our students took the ARMT and SAT last month. Please realize when you get that report card that the data does not reflect how the school performed on these tests. If reflects how the school performed on the tests in the spring of last year.

In August, the State Department of Education will release scores for this year. The information will be in the newspapers, and you will receive a report letting you know how your son or daughter performed.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Talladega City Schools Foundation Donation

Greetings: Business and Civic Leaders, Teachers, Parents,

and Friends of Education

Helping teachers help students while working

cooperatively for a better community.

Come join us in this effort with a tax deductible donation by May 16, 2007.

We are also engaged in a contest with three of our high schools’ graduates past and present, Drewry, Westside and Talladega High School.

The participating classes are from 1900-2005.

The graduating class contributing the most money will be honored at our Annual Spring Banquet.

Maybe you are a graduate of one of these schools and could contact others.

Do download a form with all of the information, go here.

Thank you for your support of our teachers and children.

Make checks payable to:

Talladega City Schools Foundation, Inc.

501 South Street East

Talladega, AL 35160

Attn: Phyllis Large, Secretary

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Latest on science assessments

Alabama High School Graduation Exam
The Science portion of the AHSGE is about to change. Those who take the test in the fall of 2007 will still be taking old test, which is composed of around 70% biology. Those who take the test after that will be taking the new test, which is composed of 100% biology.

The reason for the change is a mandate from Washington. The Alabama High School Graduation Exam is an 11th grade test. The old test included material contained in the Course of Study from junior high and elementary school science.

Alabama Science Assessment
This new test will be given to students in grades 5 and 7. The test was piloted this year and will be given to all students in grades 5 and 7 in the spring of 2008.

The 5th grade test will cover Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth & Space Science. The 7th grade test will cover Life Science. All of the standards tested are from the Alabama Course of Study for Science. All questions will be multiple choice. To view the Course of Study for any subject area, you may go here.

The Alabama Science Assessment will not count towards AYP at present. More than likely, a decision on how and when the assessment will factor into a school's accountability will occur after the next Presidential election.